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Thread: [BF BC2] Configs Thread / Tweaks

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    Default [BF BC2] Configs Thread / Tweaks

    Backend Tweaks and Settings.ini
    In Game Settings

    1. Lower your resolution and turn effect and other graphic options to low
    2. Turn sound down from hi-fi to headset (you will have to do this each time you load the game) BC2 uses a lot CPU for sound.

    Settings.ini File tweaks:

    • Change sound quality to low (also changeable in game menu but resets every time to hifi)
    • Change DXVersion-auto to 9 (to force DirectX 9)
    • Change Bloom=true to false
    • Change HSAO=true to false (also settable in the in-game "advanced" graphics settings) helps with quad core
    • Change renderaheadlimit to 0 instead of 2
    • Undergrowth=”medium” – Put this to low, if experiencing frame-rate issues.
    • Water=”medium” - Not really any water to traverse, go ahead and set this to low.
    • MSAA=”2" - This is Anti-aliasing, this will always use up a lot of a gpx cards resources. Set this to “0"
    • Shadows=”medium”- you can also set this to low to improve performance
    • Textures=”medium”- Setting this to low can improve FPS at the cost of visual eye candy.
    • Aniso=2 - Set this to 0 to disable Anisotropic filtering.

    To force the use of all processors:

    • Add "+fullproc" without the quotations to your desktop shortcut or Steam game's "launch options". (This brings a small amount of extra CPU power)
    • You can go to Task Manager and manually heighten the priority to force it to use more CPU

    To fix sticky controls (for those who get key shadow/lag with wasd etc):

    • Delete the joystick controls under foot (options->controls->foot), then it works fine

    To run the game in a window:

    • Simply hit alt+enter and change your resolution to something smaller than your desktop.

    Downgrade Audio for Better Performance :
    Downgrade your soundcard frequency soundrate TO 44KHZ AT 16BIT
    @To Win 7 users 1.- Go to control panel 2.- Go to SOUND option 3.- Double click in your audio current output 4.- Go to advanced options 5.- Change your sample rate to the lowest.
    @To XP users 1.- Go to control panel 2.- Go to Sound & Audio Devices 3.- Click the Audio Section Properties 4.- In the Sound Play section, click in the "Advanced Properties" button 5.- In performance tap, downgrade the "conversion quality sample rate" or something like that

    If your game is constantly Crashing:

    • Make Sure you are running the game as Administrator. Keep in mind the game is still unstable on 64bit machines so it may be the game/drivers/servers

    Mouse/Joystick Issues

    For sticky/laggy mouse issues:

    • Disable mouse acceleration in the game's mouse settings, and turn off Vsync in the graphics settings.

    Mouse is way off in game:

    • Looks like the game has a conflict with desktop DPI scaling in Windows Vista and 7 (this is nothing to do with mouse DPI) — the click zone ends up considerably to the left of the cursor, making clicking stuff on the right third of the menus impossible. This can be rectified on the user side by going where ever game is installed: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\battlefield bad company 2 Right click BFBC2Game.exe, then Properties, then Compatibility, and tick Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.

    How to adjust your FOV -Field of View

    • In your Settings.ini we showed you before in My Documents/BFBC2 the default is FOV=55
    • You can adjust that up to 120 (per repi)
    • The FOV in the settings.ini file is the vertical FOV, people usually talk about horizontal FOV
    • You have to convert your desired HFOV to VFOV using this calculator : >CLIC HERE<
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