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Thread: [Request] Planetside 2 hack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gomo View Post
    This is exactly where I'm at too. Sure it's f2p, but I'm not going to trust my account with just any random hack.
    This... I have actually paid money (I feel so dirty) buying better weapons so they have me on file now with my IP and my CC info. In retrospect I wish I had not. I have only been playing about a week and wasn't aware cheating was so rampant, I just thought everyone was very good and I am very rusty playing shooter games! :P But yes, if I were to use a hack for this game I wouldn't unless it was developed and sold here. It's just that simple as other cheat sites just don't support their products like they do here. Not to mention the great thing about hacking a game that is already being hacked hard with an nC cheat would mean that your cheat now becomes light years better than theirs and start to own the cheaters. Nothing so sweet as the petulant cries of a cheater being out hacked!
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