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Thread: Quake 3 ogc

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    Default Quake 3 ogc

    i was curious if any1 was willing to modify the OGC bot for me a tiny bit Nothing huge or major
    i have the source for a few versions ...Asylum is supposed to do it for me but hes just been super busy with work.

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    and what should be modify?

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    i am looking to have the cvar prefix anything diffrent
    Also looking for have Mouse Lock When Aiming Removed
    ..i am looking for something simple but efficent..i dont need chams shoot thru walls ect..

    i am mostly botherd with mouse lock while aiming it seems pointless when trying to be humanized..
    Possibly a few more aimpoints...

    Orgy your hack is Great...what i like more of ogc is Aim at closest to croshair and i can have it so it aims when i click and doesnt aim when not held down..Unless i can do this with your hook but i could not get it to work

    i normaly run OGC with a 2.3 fov and aimclosest to crosshair..While using auto shoot and click to aim

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