Hi guys.

So I've been browsing to learn about injection methods, and there are a few, but from what I've seen there's only 2 categories : methods which use LoadLibrary, and then there's manual mapping.

First of all, I read that CreateRemoteThread apparently doesn't work on win7, so I put that one aside. Then I also read that LoadLibrary is more or less easily detectable because anti-viruses as well as anti-cheats checks if the function has been called or not.

After that I also read that there still are ways to get around the detection of the LoadLibrary call.

Since I started coding I've mostly been focused on the C language, in the context of memory management, and I've only been doing programs for Unix based systems, so I'm using this project to get a bit more familiar with windows' API as well as learning C++.

So if you have any suggestions about what I should read (books, forums, blogs, libraries etc) then they're very welcome. I feel I should be reading up on assembly as well.