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Thread: nC is not going to support UEFI / TPM based systems - for reason!

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    Default nC is not going to support UEFI / TPM based systems - for reason!

    If you are using a Windows OS based on UEFI, listen up.

    nC is NOT going to support UEFI based (Windows 7+ Systems) for a Reason. Number one is TPM, the "Trusted Plattform Module". Well, you should never ever trust your own corrupt government, nor vendors of hardware. TPM is nothing but yet another NSA backdoor. Deal with it.

    So what can you do? Easy... stick with legacy ("the old") BIOS mode, which is called LEGACY. Prevent any spysoftware from running before TRUECRYPT (for example). The open source and secure (->audit) encryption software is by far the only solution, to protect your data from out of control fascist government, like the USA or EuDSSR. So better stick with it, encrypt your data and I don't mind about the inconvience.

    netCoders cheats don't work or support UEFI-BIOS based systems, due to the lack of security. UEFI-BIOS users may ask for a refund.
    Switch back to legacy BIOS, install Truecrypt and use our cheats. That's the most secure you can get.

    WARNING: UEFI & TPM is a trap! Google it! Snowden, Wikipedia ...
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    It's time to give out some atta boys, well done agent

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