games crashes now if you set your speed or your pos.

but i found a stupid workaround to fix this.
if you set your speed back to default every frame your speedhack is working just fine.

struct object_t{
     char _0x0000[848];
    void* next; //0x0350
    char _0x0358[96];
    char* Name1; //0x03B8
    char _0x03C0[88];
    char* Name2; //0x0418
    char _0x0420[72];
    char* Name3; //0x0468
    char _0x0470[40];
    char* Name4; //0x0498
    char _0x04A0[16];
    char* Name5; //0x04B0
    char _0x04B8[64];
    __int32 State; //0x04F8
    char _0x04FC[3300];
    float PosX2; //0x11E0
    float PosY2; //0x11E4
    float PosZ2; //0x11E8
    char _0x11EC[2644];
    float YawX; //0x1C40
    float YawY; //0x1C44
    float YawZ; //0x1C48
    float YawSpeed; //0x1C4C
    char _0x1C50[10944];
    float standSpeed; //0x4710
    char _0x4714[4];
    float forwardspeed; //0x4718
    float sidespeed; //0x471C

bool bypass = 0;

void  hRender( int a1, int a2  )

    bypass =! bypass;
    if( bypass )  
              Object->forwardspeed = 110.0f;          
              Object->forwardspeed = 1.0f;

pRet( a1, a2 );
    *( QWORD *)&h1z1_device = *(QWORD*)0x143C930C0;
     pRet = (ohRender)HookVTableFunction((PDWORD_PTR*)h1z1_device, (PBYTE)hRender, 2 );
is silly i knew, but works just fine