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Thread: Windows 8.1 log-in

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    Default Windows 8.1 log-in

    I am having problems with Windows 8.1 and netCoders.
    When I log-in, I get immediately logged-out.
    I have to fiddle with my internet-options, change Security settings, and tweek my privacy settings.
    After about a half-hour and a half-dozen tries, I can finally get logged-in completely (sometimes).
    This is very aggravating to say the least, because sometimes I can’t do anything that will keep me logged-in.
    I have found that my best bet, is to log-in with my LapTop, which runs Windows 7.

    Does anyone have an answer to my dilemma?
    Anything that will help me, would sure be appreciated.

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    Hi there sorry for the late reply so what are you saying here your windows automatically logs you out or the cheat logs you out and does not work?

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    if u mean that u get logged off from the website, it is maybe a cookie issue
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