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    Hello, i am new in this forum.
    I have a question about reverse engineering. I downloaded Quake 2 but i don't know how to get the Playerbase or cg/cgs.
    How can i find it?

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    Get IDA Pro and search for string "white" to find cg, cgs, cg_entities, ect. Search for "CG_Obituary: target out of range", clientinfo is directly under it. Search for " R_RenderScene " and scroll to the top of the function and thats your renderscene offset. Search for "RE_AddRefEntityToScene: bad reType %i" scroll to the top of your function and thats addrefenttoscene. Its not hard at all, just download id tech sdk and use it for references to the shit your trying to find.

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    download the quake2 SDK, and check for references.

    quake2 is not quake3, is plenty different.

    however i dit a base long ass time ago.
    feel free to use it.

    tell me if its enough or not, i have no problem to hack this game again.
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    Thanks for the answers, but I think you don't understand me correctly :)
    I want to know how I can find this addresses.
    I am new in this scene but not new in Programming :)
    Quote Originally Posted by King-OrgY View Post
    i have no problem to hack this game again.
    How would you do this?

    Sorry for this newbie questions :s.

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