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Thread: netCoders? What happened to 1 of the greatest communities?

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    Exclamation netCoders? What happened to 1 of the greatest communities?

    Sorry for the rant you are about to read!

    What has become of netCoders?

    I have been back trolling the cheat scene now for a couple of weeks and I got to say it's so annoying to see what has become of it all. This community led and dominated the cheat scene from day 1. It was this very site and the unbelievable skill sets of Pansemuckl, RainerStoff & $Cefur$ that started the whole cheating revolution in online gaming. fuck all the other sites & communities in the cheat scene. This community being the pinnacle of the whole cheat scene I cant get my head round how little activity and support this site has.

    After all the time, money and extremely hard work that Pansemuckl put into creating both his awesome hacks and also being the foundation of this community. It is absolute mind blowing, annoying and sad to see what has become of netCoders. And lets not forget the hard work and effort put in by Cobra in recent years. I understand and appreciate how how much he does in an attempt to keep site alive, as I too put in a lot work & resources to help out a few years back.

    Doesn't anybody give a crap any more?

    Ok some people will say "Oh Shut The Fuck Up ya dick, who gives a Fuck". A lot of guys on here will say "Who cares I just want hacks that I can use" but there are some of us still about that remember when netCoders was the pinnacle of the whole cheat scene, groups of us rampaged many servers in different games, installing FEAR through out the gaming world at the very mention of "netcoders" or "nC". By the looks of things the biggest issue of what has become of netCoders is YOU, the members! I read through posts and look at dates of when they are posted and it appears that nobody gives a shit any more.

    You are all running around with your hacks playing the "one for all and all for one" card,
    "lone wolves". There is no more groups of nC members showing up in servers making people instantly shit there pants while they get ready for a total rage fest? This community has lost its lets go fuck some shit up together spirit. Do you all want to be the elite player in each game you play? ranking highest by making sure your only cheater there. Its that crap that is part of the reason this community is going through a slow death. Server/Game Rages as a group = people starting to talk and 2 out 30 people who get there ass handed to them by group guys from nC with hacks armed think, hmmmmmm I want what they had! in turn the result of that is...

    • Increasing demand for hacks
    • Creating activity on site
    • Making a name for you and your buddies
    • Makes game more enjoyable as group
    • You know you belong to something unique

    This is just a few of things that your missing out with the way things are just now.

    I also see that all interest has gone from the site, what worries me more about that, is that the guys who are meant to be monitoring, maintaining & offering support to all the new members joining the site are more inactive than the members/customers. This looks like nobody actually gives a crap any more. If the people who are given position in the community cant be annoyed to be active as much as they can, the customers and members are for sure not going to give a crap. It use to be positions where given to the people who contributed lots useful information, sometimes not so useful but funny links and info & most importantly they increased activity with others as they interacted a lot with others. Now I understand Life and family commitments have priority and its most likely the reason for low activity but even having a busy schedule everyday wouldn't stop you checking in at least once a day just to have a quick look encase there is anything of importance.

    There is many small issues on site that I am not going into at this time but when I re registered on site I had issue with invalid redirect links after login, this was one of a few annoying little stupid errors it's nothing major but if I was a new member signing up and looking to see what's what and I wasn't sharpest tool in the box thought site was fucked! My first thought would be "this site sucks ass, NO fucking way am I spending money here on cheats" "Cant make there site work, cheats probably broken pieces shit too!" Now my point here is, if there is no Mod's, Admin's, etc about to sort anything think of the amount of potential customers have walked away. Because lets face it not all people buying cheat is going to think oh try this to get on site. They want shit to work perfect every time and to give them as little effort as possible. That's why they want a cheat in first place.

    Can we do anything?

    I wish that there was enough of us still about who want to see it all return to its bad ass self of a community. I personally would give my time and anything else needed to start seeing nc regroup, rebuild and try and becoming something like it once was. Because if it would then we all know that with that comes the rewards...

    • More activity = more interest in site like before
    • More interest = more vendors wanting to be involved
    • More games & hacks = A lot more sales
    • A lot more sales = More activity
    • .......And the circle keeps going round

    I dont know when netCoders circle of events broke and became so slow & inactive but there is only 1 way we can rebuild netCoders and that is if we all do our part

    Just my personal thoughts?

    If it became the community it once was or even partially similar then its reputation would return and I am sure with that comes the interest in other coders wanting to be part of it like before. 99% of coders out there wanted to be known with netcoders as it was the baddest motherfucker out there. If you had your hack on netcoders people bought it
    NO PROBLEM. At 1 point the door was being banged on constantly by coders wanting to sell there hacks on here. OK Panse and nC had high standards, rightly so as I said it was the baddest motherfucker out there. So imagine If everybody spent a little more time onsite and contributing to rebuilding nC slowly then I cant see why that cant happen.

    We all know that if we could somehow regenerate activity and popularity in nC then we could once again have more coders wanting to be part of it all and release there hacks. It would not happen over night but if we all made an effort and did our part we would slowly have more and more people out there whispering or even shouting the name netCoders. Bringing back the popularity and activity it so desperately needs. Lets face it most people who are still kind of active are popping on from time to time checking for updates etc, but probably wish there was more interaction with all the other members, coders & staff. Most of us must be thinking why visit the site at all to see no new posts, info, videos, etc. That itself has killed the spirit that we once had. Am I being stupid in thinking its not over yet for nC and that we all could play a part in the rebuilding of it?

    Why bother?

    I personally think that everybody who has been and are currently still part of netCoders owe it to Pansemuckl in some way or another for all of the hard work he has put in over the last 13+ years, to not only start up this community but the fucking awesome hacks we all love and have at some point used for our enjoyment. Not only do we owe it to Panse, we would be doing it for ourselves and each other. Because lets face it most of us here want it, (well at least I would hope that is the case.)

    My last thoughts on the matter!

    I am sure some people on here think I dont have a clue, have no right to say shit & probably wish I would shut up about it all because they dont give a fuck what happens as long as they can use there hack. That's OK, we all have the right to our own thoughts and opinions, I would however hope that the people who are thinking along they lines would allow us who think same as I do the chance to discuss it all without any shit talk, bashing or any non constructive posts.

    thanks for taking the time to read this and with that I hope this rant has not been for nothing. I am hoping that soon we can all start to do what little we can to bring back this BAD ASS COMMUNITY.

    JPMTech A.K.A Buzzer

    Sorry for grammer & spelling lmao, what can a say im fucking brain dead !!! LOL

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    I agree with everything. This needs to happen, sick of all of these other hacks on the market right now.. I've been playing CSGO lately useing Leaguemode and everytime i inject any other cheat all i can think about is wishing you guys had some new products out because i know if you did they would be the best and top quality as always and as secure as ever. I was there for the good times here 8 years ago for the good ET/RtCW days.

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    i agree aswell.

    lack of skilled coders to propose new game hacks ; gamers are more rpg ,morpg interested ; mobile games are much more played nowaday + some new kind of mobile cheat coders are realy doing great stuffs( iosgods for ex) .... etc

    my thought is that the master word to get back as well ranked cheating community is "diversity".

    this my 2 cent on that subject.
    “I am the punishment of God...If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

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    Buzzer I agree with you 110%.

    I also wonder if we can fill the void that once was GD. Just a suggestion..
    Something like EC back then. The downfall of MPC, the current status of UC. Think about it.

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